Siv Potayya

The Lawyer

Siv Potayya graduated from the University of Aix-En-Provence and was admitted to the Mauritian Bar in 1991. He founded Wortels Lexus in June 2010 after 13 years with a previous partner. Siv has worked at the Mauritius Commercial Bank for 14 years and got to familiarize himself with Banking laws. The drafting of various documents pertaining to securities at the bank led him to the writing of several books, the most recent, published in 2008, being "Guide to Decisions of the Supreme Court of Mauritius affecting Banking (1861 - 2007)" with a foreword by the Chief Justice of Mauritius. The book entitled "Manuel de droit bancaire mauricien" recently launched by the MCB Ltd has largely made reference thereto.

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Membership of Professional Bodies

Mauritius Bar Association, International Bar Association, Inter Pacific Bar Association
Fellow member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors

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