1991 Le Droit Bancaire a Maurice (Banking Law in Mauritius).

Siv Potayya was the first prize winner in a competition organised by the Indian Ocean Lawyers' Conference regrouping the Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion Island, Comoro Islands and Mauritius.

1994 Pour un reglement rapide des cheques sans provision a Maurice ( How to effectively solve the problem of cheques issued without provision in Mauritius)

These are proposals formulated and designed to depenalise the offence of cheques issued without provision in Mauritius. They were approved in the Cabinet some time back and is not the law yet.

2008 "Guide to decisions of the Supreme Court of Mauritius affecting banking (1861-2007)" by Siv Potayya, Barrister at Law.

This is the first time in Mauritius where a manual of similar nature is compiled and edited by a former banker and a law practitioner. It embodies precedents dating back from 1861 and shows the increasingly complex nature of the Banking environment in Mauritius. Mauritius with its hybrid system of law, owing to French and British colonialism has developed a rather special banking legal framework. The changes in the legislations to cater for an international framework has gradually complicated the situation and where specialists in Banking Law are nowadays scarce.